Israela Adah Brill-Cass, Esq.

I help businesses and organizations manage conflict, recognize differences, address challenges, and create environments where people want to engage and work.

I teach people how to stand up for themselves without knocking others down and ask for what they need to succeed.


Contract and Conference Ombudsing:

As an experienced Ombud, I help companies and organizations offer their employees and members a confidential, independent and neutral place to address work-related conflict without the need to hire someone for that role long-term.  I also provide organizations a a place for their members to share conference-related concerns confidentially, during conferences so that they feel supported and heard in real-time, in a safe environment.


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Conflict.  There, I said it. Just the word makes a lot of us want to run and hide.  The problem is that avoiding conflict only makes it worse.  Conflict in and of itself isn't a bad thing. It's how we respond to it that determines whether it will be destructive - to our relationships, our work environments, or to ourselves and our own careers - or whether it can actually be productive and give us an opportunity for better understanding.


We can do conflict better. 

Find out how.

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What's Negotiation?

What's Negotiation?

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If negotiation is just a conversation aimed at reaching an agreement, why does it seem so hard? Most of us just aren't equipped to negotiate well without getting some pointers. And let's face it, even if we're comfortable negotiating, we could always benefit from  strategies to get better results and help us recognize and navigate culture, gender and just plain old differences.


Asking for what you need to succeed can take practice but it doesn't have to be hard. 



Customizable training and consulting in productive conflict communication, negotiation, management skills including feedback, bias, inclusion and improving workplace culture.

Ombuds and Mediation services and skills trainings and Conference Ombuds Services. 


Facilitation and Strategic Planning.

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Mission: In my more than 20 years as a conflict and negotiation professional my goal has always been the same: to help people recognize their options, give them the tools they need to succeed and help them stand up for themselves without knocking others downTM.

Awards and recognitions are great but what really matters to me is what clients say about me and that they feel comfortable coming back and recommending me to others. That doesn't come with a badge, but it really doesn't need to.  

Don't see the type of service or training you're looking for?  Contact me and we'll make it happen.  I'm always happy to talk about new ways to support, empower, train and fix.


I have over 20 years of experience as an attorney, mediator, facilitator, trainer, ombud and consultant. In 2015 I launched my company, fixerrr - the 3 r’s stand for rethink, respond and resolve - to help individuals, groups and organizations recognize their strengths, assess their options and gain the tools they need to succeed.


Since 2003, I’ve taught negotiation (including culture and gender in salary negotiation), conflict communication, dispute resolution, mediation and ombuds skills in both the public and private sectors for such clients as Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Tufts Women in Medicine and Science, MassMutual (Society of GrownUps), MIT, Arabella Advisors, the Mass. Society of CPA’s, the American Bar Association, the Mass. Bar Association, the Administrative Office of the Trial Court, the Mass. Legal Recruitment Association and Mass. Continuing Legal Education.  As a faculty member in the Communication Studies Department at Emerson College, since 2012 I’ve taught courses in Conflict and Negotiation, Persuasion, Mediation, Advocacy and Pre-Law. In 2017 I became Wesleyan University's inaugural Ombud, and in 2020, Clark University's inaugural Ombud, serving on both campuses as an independent, confidential, neutral resource for faculty and staff. 


In 2011-2012 and 2015-2016, I was recognized as a New England Super Lawyer, a list published annually by Boston Magazine and Thompson-Reuters of lawyers viewed by their peers as being in the top 5% of the profession, and named one of the Top Women Attorneys in Massachusetts, in 2013 and 2016.  I have authored and been interviewed as an authority for several articles on conflict management, employment, negotiation and mediation issues in publications ranging from the ABA Journal, the Family Mediation Quarterly, and the BBC Capital (twice). I’m also a contributing author to the books, Mediation: A Practice Guide for Mediators, Lawyers, and Other Professionals (MCLE, Nov. 2013) and “Pretrial Litigation Primer: Alternative Dispute Resolution” part of the Build Your Practice Series (MCLE, 2009, 2011).


I have designed, managed and served as a neutral for conflict resolution and workplace communication programs for the Massachusetts Superior Courts, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, federal agencies, institutes of higher education and private corporations. I’m proud to have created the first federally funded Agricultural Mediation Program in New England to help local cranberry growers. I'm also proud to be a Community Leader and Champion Volunteer for Cradles to Crayons, a non-profit organization, and a vocal advocate against breed specific legislation. I'm a cum laude graduate of both Brandeis University and Suffolk University Law School.

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It's long, it's exhaustive and it makes me feel older than I am but if you're looking for my complete, up-to-date CV, you'll find it here.

Restorative Justice Circle Practice for Educators (Tier 1), Suffolk University Center for Restorative Justice, 2022


Cross-Cultural Mediation, Meta-Culture, 2016

Inclusive Excellence Faculty Fellowship, Emerson College Office of Diversity and Inclusion, 2016

Workplace Conflict and Dispute Systems Design, Negotiation Bridge, 2006, 2011

Marital Mediation, Divorce Mediation Training Associates, 2006

Collaborative Law, Mass. Collaborative Law Council, 2005

Facilitation, Interaction Associates, 2000

Mediation, MWI, 1998

I'm honored to have received the

2018 Alan L. Stanzler Award for Excellence in Teaching

at Emerson College and to have been selected for this award by Emerson's deans, student officers of the Gold Key National Honor Society and the Provost from the 295 nominations they received. Nominated by students, the award is given to an Affiliated Faculty member who consistently receives high Teacher/Course evaluation ratings and who displays high academic standards as established by faculty.

International Ombuds Association (since 2017)

IOA Contract Conference Ombuds Task Force (2019-2020)

East Coast Ombuds Group (since 2017)

Ombuds of Small Liberal Arts Colleges

(since 2017)

New England Association for Conflict Resolution (since 1998)

Rhode Island Bar (since 1994)

Rhode Island Bar Association (since 1994)

Massachusetts Bar (since 1993)