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Human User Manuals

Communication disconnects, especially around responsibilities, boundaries and expectations, are the leading cause of conflict in workplaces.  I recommend employers help recognize and include everyone in the workplace by using "Human User Manuals" (HUMs). The information provided by individual employees can be shared appropriately with team members and especially supervisors to create understanding and clarity. It can help all, but in particular neurodiverse employees bring their full selves to work which is the meaning of an inclusive work environment. You can see an example (mine) and create your own below. If you do decide to use it in your workplace, please share your feedback with me!

Here's Mine:

side by side photos of Israela Brill-Cass presenting at IOA conference and a slide entitled Creating Our Own User Manuals: Ombudsing with Neurodiversity in Mind
Israela Brill-Cass' personal  Human User Manual with questions answered
Create Yours:
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